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 Previous style frame:   
 In the latest version, the visuals shifted from an abstract and delicate shapes to more aggressive symbols and representation of the words said in order to create an aggressive feel along with representing femininity in the Caribbean.   The style and transitions transitioned towards stop motion animation style and stylized shapes and textures. Making the piece have an “crafty, handmade look and feel” in order to represent the struggle the ancestors had to go through to fight for their rights.
 Latest Storyboard:
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    Choosing the color group for Black Behind the Ear was one of the most important decisions made. During the first half of the piece, the girl is in denial because of what her past generations (represented by the mother in the poem) has taught her. This dark emotional stage where she tries to escape to her true self and is represented with colors reminiscent of nighttime. The colors are cold with the exception of the character’s hair to contrast with the darkness and to symbolize the strength of their heritage.   The second half comes as a sunrise to represent the awakening of the girl’s mind towards something being wrong, trying now to run from all the stereotypes and beauty standards her past has set on her and looking forward to become self-aware. This stage is mainly based on warm bright colors which usually are used for optimism, passion, aggressiveness and strength.    Animation & Texture  The main challenge for this entire project was the animation part, since it was the first time I tackled frame by frame animation with several illustrated details.   The first step was to animate the overall piece, then polish, and since the entire style was based on using chalk-like textures I had to go back and texturize every frame. At the end around 3,000 frames were uniquely worked on.   The audio version used for this project is a live voice recording of Elizabeth Acevedo by   
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